Celebrate being a geek with Pride!

This year the Linc-Con falls on the same date as Lincoln Pride, September 29th. While this is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the LGBT community, we thought ‘why stop there?’

When we made the first Linc-Con Comic Con we wanted to bring everyone together to unleash their inner geek and have fun with the Superhero genre. We were impressed and thrilled with how many people chose to come in cosplay and even better, that everyone who came wanted to seize the opportunity and get involved!

Lincoln Pride is about celebrating who you are and what better way to embrace your inner Geek and Superhero than with us at the Linc-Con followed by helping celebrate the LGBT community with Lincoln Pride!

We’re moving our gameshows forward one hour so everyone has the chance to enjoy the Linc-Con and still attend the peak of Lincoln Pride. We hope you’ll join us and make it a memorable day for everyone in Lincoln!