Cosplay Weapons / Props Information

We get a number of questions relating to cosplay do’s and don’ts at events every year, so in an effort to help you before you attend, we have listed some of them here for you to check out before the event. Please make sure you read these carefully as you may run the risk of being removed from the event if your cosplay costume breaks any of our policies as stated below.


The Linc-Con adopts a common-sense approach to items allowed in to the venue for use as cosplay weaponry. Obviously, anything that would be illegal to carry in public is forbidden. We would ask that you are considerate about fellow customers when deciding on cosplay weapons to bring with you.

*PLEASE NOTE: The LincCon reserves the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets without refund. The Linc-Con Staff & Security for the event and venue reserve the right to reject any weapon or prop if deemed likely to cause a nuisance.


Metal blades – sharp or blunt e.g. swords, axes & knives

Bats – wooden or metal, including baseball bats

Guns – handguns, rifles or any other artillery

Crossbows and strung bows capable of firing and sharp-tipped arrows

Gas canisters made from metal or plastic of any kind

Nails protruding, or any other sharp items protruding from items or costumes

Laser pointers, regardless of being part of a costume or prop

Any other item that is deemed illegal to carry in the UK

We do not offer any exceptions to our rules regardless of memberships, licenses, etc. Bring your items at your own risk, however, Police are within their rights to destroy any confiscated items without consultation.


Unrealistic guns and toy guns such as Phasers and plasma guns are allowed up to 150cm

Realistic imitation firearms such as airsoft guns and BB guns are allowed as long as they have the brightly coloured tip or a muzzle fitted

Bows and crossbows are allowed if unstrung or which are props that cannot be operated or fired

Slings and catapults are allowed however no ammunition may be carried and will be confiscated if found

Once again please bring items at your own risk, if staff and security deem them to be a risk to the event and its attendees, confiscation, and ejection from the event is highly likely.


We do not allow nudity, adult fetish attire and extreme BDSM is not allowed

Costumes & Props must not create or involve naked flames

Any larger costumes may not exceed 3 metres between two points of the costume or prop.

The Linc-Con reserve the right to intervene if any costumes or uniforms are inciting hate or crime and are from any organisations that are responsible for any crimes against humanity.

The Linc-Con want all our visitors to enjoy our events therefore if you are in any doubt on any of the guidelines written here please check before choosing your costume by emailing