The Movie Reliquary

Hey everyone! Today we’re shining the spotlight on The Movie Reliquary, who are attending the 2017 Linc-Con with their fantastic & innovative range of memorabilia!

The Movie Reliquary is based in the east of England and offer relics, props and swatches from your favourite movies and TV shows in beautiful custom displays. Whether you want a genuine Hogwarts invitation letter used in the first Harry Potter movie, a swatch of Wonder Woman’s costume or a fragment of Sarlacc from Star Wars..

A few personal favourites or ours were a fragment of the nest from Aliens & a swatch of Ewok fur from Return of the Jedi. Call us nostalgic but owning that little piece of history got us all giddy!

The Movie Reliquary will be at Linc-Con Comic Con with items from over 50 different movies and shows! Come by and grab a genuine piece of your favourite movie.

We’ll be posting updates about each game show and the prizes you can win over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned for updates by joining our Facebook event group-