What to expect from The Linc-Con Vol.2

The 2016 Linc-Con was our first event and we couldn’t be happier with the way it went. Everyone had a great time and it was brilliant to see so many cosplayers meeting new people at their first comic-con. Our choice to mix established traders with new and fresh traders bringing fresh innovative creations also worked, as we saw such a wide range of products. It was a great start, but not perfect and we’re excited to introduce new ideas for 2017.

The two main things we took away from last year were the success of both the social aspect of the event and the stage events. Everyone loved getting to spend time and socialising with their favourite characters and everyone enjoyed the fresh acts we bought to stage, but wanted more.

That’s why this year we’re working on making these two things even better. We’re putting more exciting and interactive acts on stage for your all to see and get involved with and we’re also redesigning the layout of the event to create a complete little village to socialise with all your favourite characters. We’re in the final stages of confirming that we’re expanding the venue so there will be more space and more things going on in turn.

Keep an eye on the event page, we’ll have some VERY exciting announcements over the coming months- https://www.facebook.com/events/874072869360601/